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Riverdale star KJ Apa has been set to lead the ensemble cast of The Last Summer, the Gulfstream Pictures romantic comedy that will be directed by Bill Bindley. Principal photography starts April 23. The Last Summer follows a group of high school grads whose lives intersect in Chicago over the summer before they start college. The script was written by Bill Bindley and Scott Bindley with a polish by April Prosser (Plus One).

The film is being financed by Gulfstream. Mike Karz and Wayne Rice will produce. Barbara McCarthy is casting. Gulfstream, run by Bindley and Karz, is backed by Korea-based 3D stereoscopic leader Redrover Co., Ltd., and a consortium of U.S. private equity funds.

Apa, who co-starred in the Lasse Hallstrom-directed  A Dog’s Purpose, currently stars as Archie Andrews on the CW series Riverdale, based on the Archie comics. Apa is repped by UTA, Luber Roklin Entertainment, Red11 Management and attorney Karl Austen.

Gulfstream is separately percolating a feature adaptation of the Julia Butterfly Hill’s autobiography The Legacy of Luna: The Story of a Tree, a Woman and the Struggle to Save the Redwoods, and King David for Warner Bros based on the book David: The Divided Heart by Rabbi David Wolpe. Todd Komarnicki is writing the latter.

Previously on Riverdale, Betty met and saved her brother Chic, while Veronica became more involved with her parent’s schemes. Archie met a man named Adams who claims to be an FBI agent and started informing on Hiram Lodge. Finally, Jughead struggled with being back at Riverdale High.

“The Wrestler” begins as usual with Jughead’s narration, this time in the halls of Riverdale High. Jughead thinks about how school is changing. Archie plays basketball in the gym, getting ready for the new season. Jughead mentions the town is getting ready for a gathering to celebrate its founder, General Augustus Pickens. In class, Cheryl shares a presentation about Pickens and how her ancestors helped create the town and received no recognition.

The Lodge’s, Keller, McCoy, and Fred gather to talk. The Lodge’s and Fred offer to sponsor a bigger celebration for Pickens Day. McCoy remains unconvinced, but Veronica interrupts saying it will be a way to get the Southside and Northside to celebrate together. McCoy thinks it will backfire and Keller asks about the Serpents. They want to hire the Serpents as security for the event, thinking it will help keep the event peaceful. Archie comes home from practicing and the group quickly disbanded. He tries to kiss Veronica goodbye, but she pulls away citing his sweating.

At the Cooper’s, Hal questions Chic about what happened the day Betty brought him to their home. Chic answers the man who runs the hostel was angry that he did not want to take clients that day. They skate around the answer of Chic’s job, but it sounds like a sex worker. He mentions his many scars, saying he can show them, and Betty mentions the ones on her palm. Alice attempts to keep the peace.

Archie meets with the man claiming to be FBI Agent Adams, who gives him a paper which says it is immunity for Fred for anything to do with the Lodge’s. Archie tells him about the meeting the previous night. Adams tells him to get closer to Hiram if he wants to help the investigation move forward.

Betty shows her friends a picture of Chic, who Kevin says looks familiar. Veronica tells Betty to bring him to Pickens Day so they can meet. Jughead shares his annoyance that the Serpents were asked to do security and leaves to go interview Toni’s grandfather for a report. Later, Kevin calls Betty and says he knows Chic because he is a webcam boy.

Archie talks to Veronica and asks for suggestions to get to know her father. She mentions her dad was a big deal on the Riverdale High wrestling team and that he is involved in financing the team now. Archie decides to give up basketball this season and try out for the wrestling team.

Jughead meets with Toni’s grandpa Thomas Topaz, the oldest living Serpent and one of the founders. He says the laws were based on Uktena traditions, a Native American tribe that was destroyed by General Pickens. Pickens massacred the tribe. He says they created the Serpents as a way to stay together. Jughead is appalled that people do not know about the town’s bloody history.

At the McCoy’s, Veronica convinces Josie to get back together with the Pussycats for the Pickens Day celebration. Mayor McCoy arrives and is upset by the idea and says she and Josie will discuss it alone. Later, Veronica tells Hermione how McCoy treated her and Hermione believe it is because they let Veronica be part of the family business. Hermione says she will talk to McCoy if her behavior continues.

Archie goes to wrestling tryouts and finds it more difficult than he imagined. Hiram and Keller watch as Kevin continues to overpower him on the floor.

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