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CFP National Championship 2018

CFP National Championship 2018 Live Stream Online, will be played Jan. 8 in Mercedes-Benz Stadium Atlanta. Georgia advanced to the title game by beating Oklahoma and Alabama dominated Clemson.Welcome To WATCH Alabama vs Georgia Live Stream Online, GEORGIA VS ALABAMA Live, CFP Championship Live, CFP Championship 2018 Live, NCAA Football schedule, channel and key info for Monday Bowl Live, NCAA Football Live Online those words means same words. While the game won’t count for much other than a chance for the coaches to scout players, it’s useful for us to know a little bit about the team we’ll be watching face off with the Panthers. For that, let’s turn to our friends from Battle Red Blog to see what they expect from the Texans this year.

CFP National Championship 2018 Live

Match Details
Team:8:45p ET
Date:Monday, January 8, 2018
Kick Time Off: 8:00p ET
TV: Live

If this College Football Playoff National Championship were any more Southern, it would be played in a Waffle House.

Hold up a mirror to Alabama vs. Georgia, Bubba. It’s you and everything you love reflected right back. All that and a side of sausage and grits.

Southern pride, Southern fried.

Nick vs. Kirby. Teacher vs. Student. SEC vs. SEC. Brother against brother squaring off the what is already assured — the Southeastern Conference’s 10th national title since 2003.

Hold up a mirror and make sure not fog it up hyperventilating. Georgia’s starving (for a title). Alabama’s dominating (four titles in the last eight years). This one might go down to the last biscuit, er, minute.

The SEC remains the only conference in the BCS era (since 1998) that has twice had its teams play for a national title. The last was LSU and Alabama in 2011 when Nick and Kirby got revenge on the Tigers. This time, Kirby tries to get the upper hand on his old boss.

You could almost see the participants at Saturday’s media day squirming in their seats. They would prefer this game not take place, at least this soon.

Just 27 games into his head-coaching career, Smart is within one step of the mountaintop. Now 285 games into his career, Saban is trying to stiff arm the he taught everything he knows.

The defenses — both 3-4 alignments — trace their roots back to Saban’s mentor Bill Belichick. Both defensive coordinators in this game — Georgia’s Mel Tucker and Alabama’s Jeremy Pruitt — trace their roots back to Saban.

Both teams will attempt to run and stop the run. It is a game to played the game in a phone booth because that’s the way God intended life to be lived down here — along the line of scrimmage.

“They do a lot of the same stuff that we do,” Georgia offensive coordinator Jim Chaney said.

There’s Kirby and Nick. For eight seasons, Smart was Saban’s top lieutenant and CEO of some of the best defenses of the modern age. When Smart took over at Georgia in December 2015, there was always sort of a faraway dream that student could one day meet teacher.

But in the current 14-team SEC configuration, Georgia and Alabama are guaranteed to meet only once every six seasons and twice every 12 seasons. Never in back-to-back seasons. That’s what conference expansion has done to one of the oldest rivalries in the South. The teams last met five years ago in the SEC Championship Game. But that was before Smart’s expertise moved up the timetable on Nick-Kirby I.

“I knew it would happen at some point in time,” said Georgia assistant Kevin Sherrer. “At what time frame, I wasn’t real sure. Coach Saban has been at Alabama for several years. I don’t know how much longer he’s going to be there.”

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